Latest EV news

Dundee opens new EV charging hub

A new EV charging hub has opened in Dundee today (Friday 13th July), with six rapid charge points and four fast chargers located on Princes Street. The hub also features a solar canopy and energy storage system. Previously a vacant filling station,...

Powermystreet tool launched

A new resource to help Londoners improve on-street EV charging infrastructure has been launched today (Wednesday 11th July), with Zap-Map part of the Powermystreet project. The tool will allow residents to demonstrate demand for EV charge points, by mapping where they would...

EV-backing Road to Zero strategy announced

The UK Government has announced its Road to Zero strategy, the measures it will implement to achieve aims of becoming a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and using zero-emission vehicles. That includes aims of seeing at least 50% – and an aim...

Rules planned for EV charging at new homes

The UK’s EV charging infrastructure is set for a huge boost as Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will announce today (Monday 9th July) plans to include charge points in new homes, workplaces, and lamp posts. The proposals will make up part of the...